Sunday, May 27, 2007

Update on all owr foster kitties

Effuryone has been asking about Vashtie
and all owr uther foster kitties.
So... I thot I'd share sum noo pikturs of them
This is Vashtie in her tent, in the cage where she stays whil meowmy is at werk
On pretty days, meowmy takes her cage owtside so she can enjoy the sunshine.
Something startled Vashtie when meowmy was petting her lass week - and she scratched meowmy on her hans and arms - but meowmy didn't get mad. It took her all nite to catch Vashtie in the basement, so meowmy got her a pretty pink harness, so she kood handle her easier, wifout scaring her so much. She unnerstands that Vashtie needs a lot of luf and unnerstanding, to get over having been abused.
Regale is gaining wate and her fur is lookin better
She likes her sleepy kube and all the good fud meowmy gives her
She duzzent like owtside as much as Vashtie, (we fink maybe she wuz in an owtside place where she got fleas and wuz so hungry) So meowmy jus leaves the garage door open, so she can get sunshine and fresh air, while Vashtie suns herself.

Snowdrop gave up her big "safe" cage, so Vashtie could have the biggest one
She and Louie have been makin friends better, since she is out wif him, all the time. Louie LUFS to play, and meowmy uses shorter toys, so he will get closer to her in playtime.
Meowmy PETS and PLAYS with Vashtie, Regale, Louie and Snowdrop EFFURY NITE.

I getz a little jelus - sumtimes -- but meowmy makes sur she gives me and all the Fancidots gang lots of luvvies, treets and playtime before she goes sleepy-bye.
And we get to sleep wif her - so then I'm not so jelus.
It will be nice when Snowdrop gets to go home with her mom, when she gits well.
It will be nice when Louie makes friends with more of us, so he can come out and play wif effurbody.
It will be nice when Vashtie and Regale are ready to go to new homes - but meowmy will have to screen their noo parents furry carefully - so they won't haf to be skeered all over again.
Meowmy is furry tired at nite after all her bean chores, and I miss getting to BLOG wif all my cat bloggin friends - but we all kno not effurbody has meowmys and daddies as good as me and all owr cat bloggin friends, so we are tryin to be furry patient.
Fanks to effuryone who has said such nice things about my meowmy...
I luf her furry much - and will be glad when she has more time to spend wif me, again.
As a matter of fak -- I fink I will go curl up wif her, rite now!


Parker said...

Thanks for the update, we were wondering how all the kitties were doing.

Forty Paws said...

Bless your heart for taking in those foster kitties and helping them get through their issues. It is SOOOOO hard to be a foster mom and take care of all of your own babies too.

Luf, us

Daisy said...

I am glad the foster kitties are doing so well. They sure are cute. Your Mommie is very right, they will need extra-good homes so they don't have to go through anything bad ever again. Vashtie and Regale must be so happy to be safe and loved!

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

My mommy was leaking when she read this. She told me that she thinks that the kitties are very pretty and she's very sad about what they went through but very happy that they have such a wonderful foster family! May all cats be so blessed.

Bad Kitty Cats & Megan said...

Oh what pretty kitty cats and we are so glad they have your mama to help care for them too. Sending purrs and hugs

caricature said...

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added ur link there. check it out!
would appreciate if u reciprocate :)

Dragonheart said...

It is so wonderful what your mom does for these kitties, and you are also wonderful for sharing her with the fosters, Zenith. I am glad to hear the fosters are doing well. It is very sad that Vashtie was abused. :( How could anyone hurt such a gorgeous cat!

Lux said...

Vashtie has such pretty colors ... your mom must be very tired after taking care of all those extra kitties; it sounds like you're being very sweet to her, Zenith.

The Crew said...

It sounds like poor Vashtie needs a lot of TLC.

Marie the Defender said...

The foster kitties are very cute. I'm sorry Vashtie is still so sure is tough being an abused kitty, my big sis Casey understands coz she was abused before....

Mr. Z...I would be so happy you would like to link to my blog. I'm gonna link yours right now!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo all are sooo cul to take gud care of fostur kitties! Yoo are making a werld of difference in thowse kitties lives and yoo are definatlie building gud karma! Soooo, soooooo, sooooo, nice of yoo and yer family!

DaisyMae Maus said...

Wow! Look at all of those wonderful dots! Please give your momma some extra kisses for being such a great foster parent to all of those deservin' kitties!

Anonymous said...

Your mommy is a true angel and your all very beautiful lucky kittys.

Mimi Lenox said...

Love your countdown counter for BlogBlast and the Globe is so lovely. Thanks for participating and continue to spread the word!

Purrs and peace to you,


Skeezix the Cat said...

Pax vobiscum, Fancidots and Mr Z!

bat & bandit & holly said...

mr. zenith -
your mommy is awesome for taking such good care of your gang AND helping foster other kitties. you're all very beautiful kitties with your lovely dots, and casper is a lovely "ghost" cat and hatter is quite a handsome mancat. our mommy saya she wishes she could take louie or vashtie, but there are three of us and that's already too many!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

Wow, your mom is amazing! Taking in all those kitties and doing all the stuff to help them get better and find new homes! Give her some purrs and rubs from me.

I'm curious about the fountain you said your Mom installed in the sink. I have a cat fountain in the kitchen, but still purrfur the sink in the summer (like now). I bet I could get my woman to install that!
Thanks and many purrs,

Caesar and Princess said...

We are so glad to hear the lateest nooz on Snowdrop and Vashtie and Regale and Louie.
They are so lucky to have your mommie loving them!!!!

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