Friday, October 17, 2008

We hardly EVER get online, any more!

This is Dagger peekin over the sheets
This is Lightnin givin meowmy the evil eyes
Victoria peeked over the footboard, then blinked!

Meowmy has deecided to KEEP that rascaly UFFER F1 Bengal Cat, Louie. She sez he only wood effur trust HER, since he still hides and peeks at owr daddy, when he goz in to feed the fosters.
Meowmy likes to PLAY wif us.
We take TURNS.
First we get fed, then the foster kitties get fed.
THEN, we get to play and play and play!
We haf soo much fun! Always good toys wif plenty of sparkley things, and feathers.
When we're all tired out, meowmy goes up to play wif Louie and his "girls" Regale and Vashtie.

Well, time to go get bizzy... Lots of sparkley toys to chase, and feathers to KILL.

Luf - yur littel pal, Zenith