Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Front yard, view and ME

This is owr hous frum tha road
When we look out the storm door, we see this---
When we look from the dining room winders we see this --
When we look owt meowmys bedroom winder - we see this -
And when Meowmy is on the puter she sees THIS
ME !!!
Sometimes I get bord and watch the gang play
Other times I pace from monitor to printer
But if my meowmy is HOME...

Catching up, SCARS and moovies !

Me and meowmy got on the puter tonite, after taking some time off, so all the pride could have "special" time with meomy ever day when she got home from work. This weekend was extra speshul because she got the wand toyz out of the speshul drawer they hide in - and played with us till we were all tired.

We saw that Daisy the Curly Cat and Skeezix both have NEW scars.
Our meowmy had surgery on Monday, but hers was INSIDE her noze! OWIE !!
She doesn't have any stitches that show, but she shur sounds funny, tonite.

The weather is cold this week, so Moonlight is in the basement. Moonlight doesn't like being in the basement but she likes it better than having to be in the house with all the rest of us. Meowmy has had to give her special time so she wouldn't feel so scared there.

Casper and Dagger and I have been snuggling a lot. We wish meowmy would turn the heat up some more. We CROWD her when she goes to bed at nite.

Emma and Bailey have been staying up in the boy/man's room but they chase me out, when I go try to get in Bailey's cozy. I like meowmy's pillow better, anyway.

Meowmy hasn't taken any new pitchurs, so I just wanted to say HI and tell everyfurry we try to go out and catch up, when we can. We really enjoy reading all yur blogs and speshully love to watch yur moovies!

Miss Daisy, if yu read this, we liked all yur moovies, specially the one with the pink sweater!

Later catpals!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sunday - Snowdrop coming for a visit

She was the first BENGAL foster kitty who stayed with us Now, a year later, her new adoptive meowmy is very ill, and contacted our meowmy to see if Snowdrop could stay with us while she gets some medical treatments in a place Snowdrop can't stay. Of course, Meowmy said yes, so she will be coming back to visit for a while.

Snowdrop is very old, and has some medical issues, like asthma and bad teeth. But meowmy couldn't bear to have Snowdrop have to go stay in a KENNEL or somewhere she would be scared and lonely. And, it's OBVIOUS her new meowmy doesn't want to give her up, so Snowdrop will not be put on the list for adoption, until it is certain that her current meowmy who loves her very much, can't keep her, anymore. Please welcome her and let her know that even though our house is very full we would never allow one of the kitties we have fostered to end up in a bad or scary place, EVER again!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday - Baskets, Boxes and Bags

Anything can bet turned into a TOY with creative CATS
Sasquatch was playing peek-a-boo with Baby Dagger and Baby Emma
through the handle of a laundry basket

Toria tells Casper MY BAG guarding meowmy's tote

Famous Cat Photographer Helmi Flick Captured

Emma "Romper Stomper Fancidots" in a Box

Hatter LOVES to play in BAGS, too!

ANY box will do, no matter how big or SMALL!

Casper likes to hunker down, in boxes

Dagger tried Casper's box on "for size"

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Silly Sunday

Toria (Victoria) wuz helpin meowmy kleen out her closet
Baby Emma LOVES to chase Hatter's tail
Baby Dagger got a feather stuck on his tung and couldn't get it off
Emma was watchin -- LAFFIN at him

Lightnin got a feather stuck on her tung too!

She looked GUILTY

In this photo, Emma and I were on top of meowmy's curio cabinet after a bug on the ceiling

and I was SNIFFIN her.
She told me NUFF of the SNIFFIN

We were looking for "silly" photos and meowmy found this one of Sasquatch givin Hatter


Here's one of Tiger and baby Hatter WRASSLIN
Hatter told Tiger "I'm NOT afraid of you"

notice Hatter's paw, then Tiger's

you can see who was getting SERIOUS

Here's a photo of "Baby Dagger" killin a mousie


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Sleepy Saturday

Sometimes on SLEEPY SATURDAY we look at meowmy's old photos.
This is an EXTREM CLOSE UP of Grandcat Sasquatch
sometimes looking at this one makes meowmy's eyes leek...
She usta call him "BunnyFace"
She misses him LOTS.

I try to cheer her up, by making funny faces --
See my tung?

Days when meowmy's sad cause Sasquatch is gone
we give her the CLOSE stare...
Dagger is GOOD at "The STARE"

When I give meowmy THIS look it makes her eyes quit leekin

Then she giggles.

This is a good STARE, isn't it?

Friday, January 5, 2007

Frootbat candidate Hatter

I've been looking at all the "Frootbat" Cats --
and meowmy showed me this photo of Hatter
when he was a baby. He looks kinda Frooty, to me!

He likes to lay on meowmy's bed on the feather comforter.
I think he believe's he invisible, there >^..^<


My meowmy is up reely late - and we saw that today is LUXOR's birthday and wanted to wish him a happy one!
Everyone go look at his site!

He's really KEWL!

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The New Year Has BEGUN

Meowmy spent SO much time on the puter with me on New Year's Eve, that she promised all my furry family members we would stay off the computer, and play with them on New Year's Day.
So, we did.
Casper, Dagger, Emma, Hatter, Lightnin, Moonlight, Tiger and Victoria send their THANKS for you allowing Me (Mr. Zenith) and our meowmy to take some "time off" to give them the love, affection and PLAY time they deserve.
First she got out of bed, when I woke her up, sucking on her lips (but I DID wait until almost 7 am) so I haven't broken that resolution, YET. Then she gave me raw chicken drummies (my favorite) Lightnin and Victoria each got one too - cause they are the only other kitties in the house who like to gnaw on raw chicken drummies.
Then she cleaned all our litter boxes (a daily chore -- hee hee)
She gave everyone else some canned food and made sure the crunchie food bowls were full.
Then she made herself a poached egg (YUK) and buttered toast. Casper got in her lap and begged for some of the buttery stuff, and even though he's not supposed to get much of that, she broke a piece off that had lots of butter, and gave it to him. (as a special new year treat)
I stuck my nose in her hot chocolate, but decided it was too hot. So I walked away, snorting.
After she cleaned up the dishes from feeding time, she went to our special TOY drawer and got out DABIRD. We played and played - always taking turns - except I got a little too excited and jumped in front of Casper when it was his turn. I got SCOLDED.. and reminded that we TAKE TURNS here. So, I sat back and allowed Casper his turn, and waited till meowmy told me "NOW Zenith" and I got my turn, again.
Dagger and I can jump the highest...though sometimes we scare meowmy when we over-shoot the target and bump into furniture.
Then she got out the sparkle sticks -- TWO of them, so we didn't have to wait so long for our turns each time. I LOVE SPARKLE STICKS !!! I got a little over-enthused again and tried to catch it with my mouth, instead of batting it with my foot, and AACKKKKK gagged myself! I sat and watched the others for a while. AACKK AACCKK -- then I was ready to play nice, again.
Then meowmy put a movie on the TV box, and covered her legs with a nice fuzzy blankie. Dagger, Casper, Lightnin and me all snuggled around meowmy's legs on the blankie and took a nap while she watched the movie.
Then she got up and boiled some boneless chicken for everyone and gave me another drummie. YUM YUM.. The others all like diced boiled chicken, but I still prefer raw. But, when it was done, and the others were all getting bites, I came up and told her I wanted a bite of the boiled stuff, so she gave me a little of it, but gave most of it to the ones who won't eat the raw.
We all got FULL again, and meowmy came and laid down on the big bed with us, and EVERYONE came up and all sunggled around her for a nap.
For dinner, she cooked us some shrimpies. The others LIKE to eat shrimpies, but I only KILL them, over and over till I'm tired of playing with them, then let Tiger or Hatter eat my piece, after I'm through playing with it.
All in all, we had a great day with meowmy home all day NOT at the puter.

I'm pouting a little, today, because Meowmy has to go back to work, tomorrow, and won't have nearly as much time to play with us, and help me on my blog.
I've been so excited to make so many new friends, here.

I'm hoping meowmy will take some time to play with us with the toys, again this afternoon. That's my FAVORITE.
I hope everycat is having as much fun as I'm having in this new year.