Sunday, May 27, 2007

Update on all owr foster kitties

Effuryone has been asking about Vashtie
and all owr uther foster kitties.
So... I thot I'd share sum noo pikturs of them
This is Vashtie in her tent, in the cage where she stays whil meowmy is at werk
On pretty days, meowmy takes her cage owtside so she can enjoy the sunshine.
Something startled Vashtie when meowmy was petting her lass week - and she scratched meowmy on her hans and arms - but meowmy didn't get mad. It took her all nite to catch Vashtie in the basement, so meowmy got her a pretty pink harness, so she kood handle her easier, wifout scaring her so much. She unnerstands that Vashtie needs a lot of luf and unnerstanding, to get over having been abused.
Regale is gaining wate and her fur is lookin better
She likes her sleepy kube and all the good fud meowmy gives her
She duzzent like owtside as much as Vashtie, (we fink maybe she wuz in an owtside place where she got fleas and wuz so hungry) So meowmy jus leaves the garage door open, so she can get sunshine and fresh air, while Vashtie suns herself.

Snowdrop gave up her big "safe" cage, so Vashtie could have the biggest one
She and Louie have been makin friends better, since she is out wif him, all the time. Louie LUFS to play, and meowmy uses shorter toys, so he will get closer to her in playtime.
Meowmy PETS and PLAYS with Vashtie, Regale, Louie and Snowdrop EFFURY NITE.

I getz a little jelus - sumtimes -- but meowmy makes sur she gives me and all the Fancidots gang lots of luvvies, treets and playtime before she goes sleepy-bye.
And we get to sleep wif her - so then I'm not so jelus.
It will be nice when Snowdrop gets to go home with her mom, when she gits well.
It will be nice when Louie makes friends with more of us, so he can come out and play wif effurbody.
It will be nice when Vashtie and Regale are ready to go to new homes - but meowmy will have to screen their noo parents furry carefully - so they won't haf to be skeered all over again.
Meowmy is furry tired at nite after all her bean chores, and I miss getting to BLOG wif all my cat bloggin friends - but we all kno not effurbody has meowmys and daddies as good as me and all owr cat bloggin friends, so we are tryin to be furry patient.
Fanks to effuryone who has said such nice things about my meowmy...
I luf her furry much - and will be glad when she has more time to spend wif me, again.
As a matter of fak -- I fink I will go curl up wif her, rite now!


Owr Bizzy for Gizzy QWILT arrived from Millie!Meowmy shuld make Victoria give me my qwilt!The same day we opened owr qwilt, I got my PRIZE from Skeezix's Acatamy Awards
we ALL really liked the special catnip nanner!
Dagger, Lightnin and Casper were HOGGIN the qwilt

Lightnin and Casper jus woodn't LEAVE !!
I got on the stairs and stalked them from above!

Then Dagger got my nanner and hogged the qwilt, too!
Dagger and Victoria like all the colors in the qwilt!
But, Casper klaimed the qwilt, first, and got WHITE hair all over it!

We ALL love owr QWILT that Millie's meowmy made.

Yu kan reed all abowt them at:


SPESHUL THANKS TO MILLIE, JASPER and their MEOMMY for owr beautimus qwilt!


SPESHUL thanks to SKEEXIX at

for owr acatamy award prizes, too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It is gettin furry KROWDID heer!

Meowmy got a call Saturday nite frum a nice lady who works in a "kill shelter" The lady asted my meowmy if she could pull a pretty little Bengal kitty from the shelter because she was afraid the kitty would get sick, and be euthanized.
Of KORSE meowmy agreed to kom get the kitty on Monday (that's today)

Her name is Regale and she is getting a hoo-ha-ectomy tomorrow at owr vet place. Meowmy sez she is reel skinny and has fleas and dirty ears but the vet will fix all that, too.

She is declawed, and meowmy sez she made biskits in the carrier all the way from the shelter to the vet's office. Meowmy sez she is sweet, and we will be able to find her a good hom.

After meowmy made the vet pointmunt for Regale, two hours later, the vet called her bak and sed somebean had a cat TAPED in a cardboard box, and brot it to them and sed if Bengal Reskoo woodnt take her, to "Put her down" They asted meowmy if she could find room for ONE more, till a noo hom kood be fount. So insted of bringin Regale hom tonit, meowmy brot this UFFER cat hom.

Her name is Vashtie. She is a SILVUR MARBLE Bengal. I've only seen pikturs, but meowmy sez she is furry pretty in person, and kant beleev sombean wood jus throw her away! She is in owr basement in a kage but she is beein furry quiet. Meowmy sez she is still SKEERD from bein taped in that box! POOR Vashtie!

I sumtimz git tird of all the reskoos comin in and owt of owr howse.

But I am furry glad owr meowmy Lufs US, an wood NEFFUR throw us away! So I guess it is OK fur the kitties to stay here a littel whil, till meowmy kan find nice beans to dopt them.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dagger and Emma are an AUNT and UNCLE !!

Owr meowmy co-owns Dagger and Emma's littermate sister, Sydney. She lifs wif meowmy's furry good friend, Sandra!This is Sydney!

A cupple weeks ago, Sydney had two BABIES !!!

This is Sydney - rite after the littel gurl wuz born -- see the ocelli on the back of her earz ? Sydney is a GOOD mama !!!

A littel gurl (on the left) and a littel boy (on the rite)
This piktur shows their littel spotted belliesThe littel gurl has BIG feet! (an a KYOOT face)

This is their "kuzzin" Luci - she is a few weeks older but Sydney had PLENTY of milk, so since her mama wuz runnin out of milk, they said they wood share wif Luci. They seem to like Luci jus fine!

Dagger and Emma ar SOOO Xcited to haf a niece and neffew!

I'm Xcited fur them, too!


I saw this cool thing on Dragonheart's Domain, today. :)

What Mr Zenith Means
M is for Monkey Butt
R is for Rabbit
Z is for Zany
E is for Enchantment
N is for Nut Butter
I is for Itchy Fingers
T is for Tootsie
H is for Hot Stuff

Happy Mother's Day!

This is owr meowmy
This is a piktur of meowmy when she first got Baby Hatter
This is a piktur of meowmy when Dagger and Emma were helping her sew, one day

This is owr meowmy with ME, on the day she got me!
Sometimes her hair is short, sometimes it is long.
It's shorter now than it wuz when she got me, but longer than it was, when she got Hatter.

Beans hair changes a LOT!


We wanted to wish a Happy Mother's day to all our cat blogging friends and their meowmmies.

We all luf owr meowmy - cause she takes good care of us, and even lufs us when we are naughty!

I've been TAGGED

I've been Tagged by Darling Millie (and Jasmine)
She is a furry good friend! Her meowmy is makin me and the Fancidots Gang a beautimus Gizzy Qwilt.
I kopied the rules, so I woodn't pwint them wrong
*I'm not shur I kan find anyfurryone who hasn't already been tagged, tho... *

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I LUF my meowmy furry much! She kame a LONG way to get me, and we rode in 3 planes to come "home" to liv wif my uther cat family members. She SEZ she duzzent haf a "FAVURIT" but I know down deep -- I"M her favurit. I make biskits on her nek and suk on her chin when she's tryin to sleep, but she duzzent efen get mad.

2. I HATE getting my klaws trimmed - I SCREAM lik meowmy is KILLIN me, even tho it duzzent bleed. (But I fink it feels like it MIGHT)

3. I LUF raw chiccen an beef - but I fink FISH stinks! Meowmy's good friend fownd us sum treets called Liv-a-Littles - and I reely LUF them, I've almost figgerd owt how to open the jar. I LUF them THAT MUCH !!!

4. I LUF to play with all my furry family members. Tiger is my favurit - but he growls and yells at me, sometimes he bites at my hed! But he duzzent hurt me (he jus likes to ACT tough) Dagger and Emma are FUN to have Bengal races wif. Casper is a good pillow- caus he's reel soft. Hatter is a scardy cat- so I defend him and CHIRR at Baily when she is mean to him.
Victoria and Lightnin like to beet me to the deer mousie - so we haf contests to see who kan jump the highest. It's fun bein in a BIG furry family.

5. I LUF to blog, an all my bloggin friends - I've found each one is different and speshul in their own way, and it's fun to see pikturs and reed storeez abowt my friends. I jus wish meowmy had mor time to type for me. (That opposable thing IS a hindering faktur.) I keep tellin her all these foster cats cramp my styl, and cut into my play, luvvies and bloggin time -- but she sez if she didn't reskoo them, some of them mite be put to sleep. I sleep effurry day. What's the big deel?

6. I DO NOT MEOW -- I make very exotik callin noises. Meowmy sez I sound like a baby wif larengytis (whateffur that is) I kan make sum furry SCARY noises wif my voice. Sumtimes I get in trubble, for scaring the uffers, speshuly when Bailey growls at Hatter -- I make sounds SHE kan't make to bak her down. Meowmy alwaz stops what she is doin to make sure I'm not gettin too mad. (Efen tho I'm the littlest cat heer-- except for Louie, who is still in the isolation room wif Snowdrop.)

7. I LUF playin in water so much that meowmy rarely gets to take a shower, alone... and I ALWAYS get in the bath-tub before meowmy - unless there's bubbles -- the bubbles make me SNEEZE (AH-choo) I haf my own towel beside meowmy's -- but I like it best when she dries off first, then rubs her MEOWMY smell on me, wif her damp towel.

I don't know who I kan tag. I've looked at lots of my friends blogs, and they've already been tagged. Meomy sez if we find sum cats who haffent been tagged yet - we can kome bak and edit heer.

Monday, May 7, 2007


Some nice lady fownd a Bengal Cat
in a furry SCARY PLACE !!!
It wuz furry happy a bean saved it frum DANGER
She duzzent kno much abowt Bengals,
but a vet who looked at it yesserday sez it's SURE a Bengal -
The lady bean wuz callin reskoo places an
somebean told her to call owr meowmy for help!
The lady who reskood the cat kan't keep it at her howse,
and fears somebean MUST be looking for their beeutimus Bengal.

Sometime later today, meowmy is going to meet the lady bean,
and bring the reskood cat and care for it at owr howse --
til the reel owners can be fownd

If yu kno anybean who lost their BENGAL CAT

PLEEZE have them write to us heer!

Fank yu furry much !!!
Mr Zenith and the Fancidots Gang

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I'm so XCITED !

I am furry happy and xcited today!
I entered the Acatemyawards that my buddy Skeezix sponsered
Since my meowmy hassnt figgerd owt how to put moovies on blogs yet,
she let me enter my Red Carpet piktur
an I am honored to diskover
I am a runner up in Red Carpet Fashion with a
"Personality Plus Award"
I want to thank Skeezix, my meowmy and all the cats who sed nice fings abowt me.

I'm purring and purrin and purrin!

Effurbody shud go see ALL the WINNERS at:

There are lotz of good moovies and wonnerful photos of my friends, there.