Friday, September 7, 2007

Snowdrop is furry EXCITED !

Meomy went to Snowdrop's room, to tell her she is gonna git to go HOME.
Snowdrop looked back and sed "Well it's bout time!"

Then she started takin a BATH

Kaus she wants to be extra speshul pretty for her mom.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yipee!!! Snowdrop goes HOME soon!

Owr meowmy is so happy she is almost dancin'
She got an e-mail from Snowdrop's adoptive meowmy
And she wants her BACK !!
Snowdrop's adoptive mommy had become furry ill, and returned Snowdrop to us months ago; becaus she could no longer take care of Snowdrop.
For a while she kept in touch wif owr meomy - but then the calls and e-mails had stopped.

Meowmy had been furry patient - but after such a long time, and no way to reach Snowdrop's mommy - the painful decishun to make Snowdrop available for adoption to a noo family had to be made.

THEN - TODAY - the email came - And sometime in the next 3 weeks, when she gets settled in her noo home - she wants to come get Snowdrop.

We are ALL furry happy that Snowdrop gets to go back to the lady she lufs so much!
(Tho - we fink mebby Louie mite miss her a wittle.)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yeah !!! Meowmy got a noo puter!

Hi to all my feline and bean pals!

Owr meowmy finally got a noo puter, so maybe when she finishes reedin all the e-mails she got whil her old one wuz tryin to git fixd, she will let me write sum noo posts on my blog, too!

I did convince her to let me write a qwik note to let my pals know I'm BACK !!

We've still got all owr reskoos --

Vashtie is still too skeerd to meet new beans, but she moved to Louie and Snowdrop's room, so mewomy can pet her and play with her more.

Snowdrop is still waitin for her adoptive meowmy to git well, so she can go bak to her,

and we jus found owt Regale has a heart murmur, so she may still be with us a while too...
Meowmy moved her cage to the living room, and we're all still a little confused about that CAGE thing... we like Regale OK - but meowmy only lets her owt of the cage so she can watch and make sure we don't hurt her playin - sinc she duzzent haf any clawz to let us know when we git too ruff...

Little Louie will be stayin wif us -- Fureffur!
Little Louie is makin progress with coming owt of his room without being quite so growly/hissy. Tiger and Emma aren't furry afraid of him -- but he makes my eyz git BIG and my tail git fluffy, still. He iz little - and round - but furry scary sumtimz.

I kan't wait to go see what effuryone has been doin all summer.