Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Meowmy Got INSPIRED - Thanks Skeezix

We (meowmy and me) look at Skeezix Scratching Post,
and we LOVE Skeezix!
We decided (well, I helped) that since several FOS kitties were sponsoring kitties at Best Friends (, we would too! So I talked meowmy into pulling out the ole battered wallet, and sponsoring two kittes from the Fancidots Gang :)

This is Buddy -- He reminds us of OUR buddy - Casper

Buddy is a big cuddly polar bear! You would never guess, seeing him now, that he used to be a big-time stuntman in Los Angeles. But it's true - at least we think it is. Unfortunately, his last stunt didn't go so well. When he was found in Hollywood, he had a broken hip, a broken jaw, a broken tail, and a detached retina. Ouch! As a result, he now has trouble making it to the litter box. But you've never seen a guy so happy in retirement. Buddy is so easy-going, he sits in the tub and purrs during his twice-weekly baths.

This is Frankie - He's a PAPER SHREDDER - like ME!

Frankie loves paperwork! What? Paperwork? Who loves that? Well -- Give some to this cat, and he can have fun for hours shredding it up! And actually, you don't even have to give it to him -- he'll find it. Unfortunately, Frankie lived with a woman whose boyfriend had a home office! We probably don't even have to tell you where this is going... One day the boyfriend came home to find his office decorated with small snowdrifts of shredded paper! He was so angry. He told Frankie's person that Frankie had to go. Instead, she decided that Frankie wouldn't be the only one going -- she moved out! Even though she had only found Frankie as a stray a few months earlier, she felt she had to do all that she could to make sure he was safe. Unfortunately, all she could afford was a small studio apartment. Frankie was used to being outside, and he didn't like being all cooped up in that small space. His person was working late every day, and didn't have much time to give to Frankie. Then Frankie got sick. He had a urinary problem that was pretty serious -- before she knew it his person had paid a couple thousand dollars in vet bills! She knew she and Frankie needed help. So she turned to Best Friends.Frankie has been living happily at the sanctuary for three years now. If you're wondering which cat he is, look for the most enormous orange cat you've ever seen! He's monumental! But he's no couch potato -- he's an active, playful cat. And he loves to be pet. Of course, no one is sure if he likes to be picked up, because no one can lift him!

Or course, meowmy couldn't resist Frankie - cause he reminds her of

Our BELOVED Grandpa SASQUATCH who waits patiently for her, at the Rainbow Bridge.

It's a good way to start out the new year, don't you think?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mew Years Resolutions

I guess it's time for me to make some resolutions for the Mew Year.

1. I will not suck on meowmy's nose or lips before 5 am.

(If she stays in bed past then, there's no promises)

2. I will try to be nicer to the boy/man who lives upstairs.

He obviously loves me, but PEE-U-WEE his fingers smell

like mean ole "Bailey" cat who lives in his room

and only comes out to eat or be mean to Hatter.

3. I will try to not stick my face in EVERY food bowl,

as meowmy fills them at feeding time.

Or stand between meowmy and the bowls she's trying to fill.

Or knock the cans of food or bowls into the floor when she is in a hurry.

4. I will try to not extend my claws when I jump from the top of doors

onto meowmy's head, shoulders or back.

5. I will try to keep from getting the whole house wet,

or at least meowmy's BED ---

when I've been playing in the tub.

6. I will TRY to not cry and scream and wiggle,

as if I'm being KILLED, when meowmy trims my claws.

7. I will SOMETIMES leave a glass that has ice in it upright,

at least until meowmy drinks most of the liquid inside.

8. I will try to resist the urge to steal the straws out of the man/boy's soft drinks.

9. I will try to resist the urge to shred
every roll of TP in meowmy's bathroom.

**Honest meowmy - It wasn't me - I just FOUND it this way... **

and most important...

10. I promise to continue to LOVE my mewomy EVERY DAY!

More snaps of me at home, taking it easy with my family

Here, I'm wearing my FOS (Friends of Skeezix) button on my collar.
Nothing like a soothing bath at naptime. (Casper is sleeping in the next cozy.)
I also like to nap in meowmy's lap, when she's on the computer.
From the very beginning, Casper liked teaching me to "Dance"
Emma and I like to play with jingle balls on the wooden floor near meowmy's front door.

When I was just a BABY

These are the photos our meowmy got of me when I was a teenie baby.
WHO could resist THIS Face?
I was just so darn cute, our meowmy fell "IN LOVE" with me and made arrangements with the nice lady who took care of me, from birth. Then she flew to Portland, and I got to get out of my carrier in the airport. Everyone thought I was "ADORABLE!
All the hustle and bustle of the airport gates didn't prevent me from taking a nap on meowmy's chest. They "SAY" that Early Generation Bengals are hard to handle.
Do I look like I'm very hard to handle, here?

I also LOVE chicken drummies and wings - RAW

Don't bother me when I have my drummysticks!
MMMMmmmmm Tasty!
Hmmm... Toy or winggy
Forget the toy -- WINGGY !!!

This is what's left, when I'm done with a drummystick

I Love my whole big furry family

Here I am with Dagger on his Birthday

And in these, I'm snuggling with Victoria on the chair, and Lightnin on the bed.

I LOVE playing in water!

Our meowmy lets us play in the bathtub, sometimes.
The edge of the tub gets kinda "busy"

I have so much fun, playing with Dagger in the bathtub!

Victoria watches me catch the fishies

Casper likes to watch me catch the fishies
I'm FAST and don't mind getting a little water in my ears.

I get the bathroom all WET hopping in and out with my catches.

Sometimes I even SHARE with my old Grumpy Grandpa TIGER.

Friday, December 29, 2006

It's almost a NEW YEAR !!

I LOVE my buddy Casper. He's not a Bengal, but he's soft and gentle and we take turns in meowmy's lap. It's been really nice having Meowmy home with us over the holidays.
I'm hoping after we finish on the 'puter -- that she will get out DaBird, and have a game with us!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Mom said I could have my own page

Hi, My name is
Cocoaspride Mr. Zenith of Fancdots.
I am an F1 (Early Generation) Bengal.
My meowmy says I can have my own page, cause I have LOTS to say!
Hope you enjoy getting to know me, through my photos and stories.