Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meowmy gets OLDER

Owr meomy has a brok puter - so we haffent been online
She had a birfday yesserday
and sum of her bean friends took her owt to dinner!
I dint haf munny fur presunts, so I just gave her

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Owr meomy took an OUTING today -
She went to a plase called Tigers For Tomorrow
She came bak STINKY !!!
She went to see a lot of stripey cats
called TIGERS
There were Cougars, lions, a black spotted leopard,
and a Serval, too!
She sez I can share sum pikturs wif my friends.
so--- here they are!

Meomy wuz reely clos to this tiger

He had lots of STRIPES and kept following meomy when she wuz neer his enclosure.

This Tiger wuz sleepy in the shade - see his white tummy?

This Tiger thot meowmy smelled good.
This Tiger wuz playin in HIS swimmy pool -

I fink we kood be gud friends!

Aftur he played in his pool -- he played peek-a-boo wif meowmy

The black spotted Leopard wuz sleepy, too - if yu biggify yu mite see his spotz

The Serval wuz hidin under his howse - yu kan barely see himThe Lion wuz sleepy too.
Two of the Cougars came close to the fens to see meowmy
An this one wuz relaxin near his fense.

I'm glad meowmy didn't make me go! Thos big cats mite haf thot I wuz DINNER! An I like to stay in the air conditioned howse, where it is cool and comfy.

She smelled sweaty and like big cats, I had to get LOTZ of kisses, when she got home!