Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We got in TRUBBLE this mornin'

Casper is a tattle-tale!
This mornin he woke meowmy up and told her effurbody else was being bad.
She got up to check on us, and found a door open,
and effurbody CEPT Casper wuz playin in what meowmy calls the bacemint.
There's lots of good stuff there.
Dust bunnies, a few leafs, spidurs and lots o boxes.
She dint say a werd.
She jus got out Da Bird and started playin with Casper.
We all came runnin...
but she only playd with us a little bit,
then she went to the werk place.
Purrhaps if I act super sweet, she will get the toy owt for us agin tonite?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Wow Skeez and Friends, check this owt!

I went to see what my name woud be in the the dikshunery and gues what -- mine is the same as my best buddy Skeezix!

Mr Zenith --

Someone who likes to steal tins of tuna

'How" will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Friday, February 23, 2007

A cat named LUCKY

Sumbean sent this photo to our meowmy.
She doesn't know where the photo came from
or who the BEAN in the photo is...
but WE know
that kitten's name is...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rapcat Sak Tortur

The tall man who livz upstares brot home a currius sak
He gave it to meowmy and they both laffed a lot
Then meowmy got sizzers and cut hols in the sak wher it had litul dotty lins
Casper wuzzent afeard,
cause meowmy and the tall man won't tortur him
cause of his weak heart
This is the FRUNT of the SAK -- see the leg hols?

This is the BAK of the SAK -- See the TAIL hol?

This is the SID of the SAK - See the deestruktons???

How STOOPID was the beans who thot this up?

Anybean who knos CATS knos we would walk head furst into a SAK

But WHO wood effur let a bean put them in a sak BUTT furst?
Meowmy and the tall man trid to katch me and I wanted no part of it! I runned owt of reech reel fast!

Then they trid to put DAGGER in BUTT FURST -- He skruggled and skruggled, and they laffed and laffed,

But NO WAY wuz they gittin his TALE thru one hol and mak his bak legs go in dem uffer hols! They trid to put Bailey in the sak -- Agin - BUTT FURST -- It's a mirakul meowmy or the tall man didn't haf to go to the bean hospitul !

After sum diskussin, they kame to the konkluson the beans who painted the sak did it upsidedown -

I kulda tole them that!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all our Catster and Blogger Friends!
Speaking for the "couples" in our family -

I would like to say "I love having you as my Valentine all year long" to Miss Taffy Morgana - (from Zenith)
Dagger sends Lucy kisses, whisker tickles, head-bonks and purrs
Emma sends Hobbes kisses, purrs and nose touches
Lightnin sends Charlie kisses, purrs and soft shoulder swipes
Victoria sends Merlin kisses, purrs, chirrs, and paw pats

The whole Fancidots gang sends best wishes to "Skeezix and Daisy the Curly Cat"
(and all the other couples out there, too)

Our "single and available" family members: Bailey, Casper, Hatter, Moonlight and Tiger send their Valentine's wishes to ALL !!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

We had CAKE with ME on it!

Meowmy brot my cake home in a BOX
it lookd jus like ME
It said "Happy Purrthday Mr Zenith"
Cours Dagger had to be the first to LICK it
He Lickd the word DAY rite off my cake
Then meowmy cut it and gave me the first piece
It wuz eggstra yummy caus meowmy sprinkled
my piece with catnip.
Catnip and butter-cream -- YUM!!!Victoria gave it a little taste, but she said, "I'd rather have MEAT!"

Hatter and Dagger lickd it a lot!
Then Dagger butted in when Lightnin was getting her bite, too.
Casper said we could have the catnip and he went for a diffrunt spot on my cake

the part he lickd only had butter-cream

Now all our tummies are full.

There's PLENTY of CAKE --

Come visit us, and you can have some too!

Today is my BIRTHDAY !!

Did someone say PARTY and PRESENTS ???

Everyone Liked the Balloon -- specially the Ribbon!
Hey Casper, that's MINE -- it's MY Birthday
Meowmy said PREZENTZ for ZENITH !

Hey, the Ribbon is pretty tasty...

Meowmy says I have to share... but it's sure crowded here

Hee hee hee -- The Balloon got away!
Dagger convinced me it's time to open the prezentz

We open um by rippin paper --

I'm GOOD at rippin paper!

There's PINK stuff --

Bet our buddy Skeezix would like the PINK stuff...I like this green mousie on the cat dancer thingy

Dagger n Me wressled over the catnip bouquet.

While we wuz wresslin -

Casper sneaked up and helped hisself

Meowmy said the catnip wuz fer effurrybody...

So she put some on the cat tree --

for those not brave enuff to wressle me for it
Then meowmy hung the PINK toy on the doorknob
it's pretty kewl, huh?
Tonight, after dinner -- we get some CAKE !!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007

Very Excited about Valentine's Day!

I'm VERY excited about Valentine's day -
because I have my very own true love.

Her name is Miss Taffy Morgana,
And she makes my heart beat faster...
And my purr motor -- roars, every time I even THINK of her.
She's a beautiful spotted Bengal Girl
I love her, and she loves me too!

Friday, February 2, 2007

SHHHHHHH--- this is a SECRET!

Hi everyone,
(This is Zenith's meowmy)

I'm writing a special note here on Zenith's page, to say I want to plan some kind of surprize party for Zenith on February 9th, but I'm not as computer savvy as some of the other parents out there, and would like some help planning his party.

I know there's a valentine party, that night, and so many of his furfriends may be too busy to come to a different party. (Plus, Dagger, Victoria and Lightnin are still hoping to be invited to the valentine party.)

Can anyone make some suggestions on how we can surprize him?