Sunday, May 27, 2007


Owr Bizzy for Gizzy QWILT arrived from Millie!Meowmy shuld make Victoria give me my qwilt!The same day we opened owr qwilt, I got my PRIZE from Skeezix's Acatamy Awards
we ALL really liked the special catnip nanner!
Dagger, Lightnin and Casper were HOGGIN the qwilt

Lightnin and Casper jus woodn't LEAVE !!
I got on the stairs and stalked them from above!

Then Dagger got my nanner and hogged the qwilt, too!
Dagger and Victoria like all the colors in the qwilt!
But, Casper klaimed the qwilt, first, and got WHITE hair all over it!

We ALL love owr QWILT that Millie's meowmy made.

Yu kan reed all abowt them at:


SPESHUL THANKS TO MILLIE, JASPER and their MEOMMY for owr beautimus qwilt!


SPESHUL thanks to SKEEXIX at

for owr acatamy award prizes, too!


Daisy said...

Hi Zenith! I have been missing my little friend. Your Gizzy quilt sure is beautiful! Sometimes, it is very hard to share. You all are good at sharing. Pixie and I fight.

Marie the Defender said...

I love your gizzy quilt! We hope to order ours soon....

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

You all look quite beautiful on the Gizzy quilt and that nanner looks mighty tasty. Mommy was wondering how the new kitties were doing that you posted about last time.

Parker said...

Wow, the quilt is so pretty, I am glad you are enjoying it! It's hard to share things, believe me, I know!

Dragonheart said...

Your quilt is very beauytiful! :) I love the colours. :) You all look lovely on it. :)

Anonymous said...

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日月神教-任我行 said...