Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today when meowmy checked her e-mails, she discovered my site had won an award from the Pet Supplies Place.
We are furry happie to get this awesome award.
Tho - I must admit, I'd rather mom be in the living room, playing with me with my DaBird toy, or my favorit fuzzie ball. I LOVE to play fetch, now.
My sweet buddie Casper passed away just before Christmas, then Hatter got very sick in March. Meowmy had to give him LOTS and LOTS of pills, and now he has to eat speshul foods.

I still love meowmy furry much. She works 9 hours a day - and is gone almost 11 hours - she sez the drive is long, to work.

But, when she gets home, she plays with us, and then feeds us (and of course duz poopie scoopie duteez) After she eats dinner, she plays with us sum more!

I miss my blogging friends, but I sure do like all the extra time meowmy has to play wif us.

I hope this post finds all my furrie friends well and happy.

Yur little buddie