Monday, April 30, 2007

SHHHHH - One Day of Silence for Virginia Tech

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Update on noo Foster Kitty

Meowmy got noo pikturs of owr foster kitty - an has re-named him "LOUIE" kaws she sez he duzzent like the "SSS" sownd.
Effry bean hooz seen the pikturs sez he looks jus like ME.
SO -- meowmy deecided to ask my cat blog friends if they can tell hoo is hoo.

Dooo yu kno which kitty is me?

heh heh heh!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Farewell to Sweet Gizzy

We lost a furry Special Friend this week.

Yu kan go to the link listed below to pay yur respekts:
We met Sweet Gizzy on our blogging friend, Darling Millie's blog
Her grand ole man cat, Gizzy was furry ill, and his meowmy was
makin Qwilts to sell, to pay for all his medical treetments.
EFFURYONE wanted a Bizzy for Gizzy quilt.
Some of us haf already receeved theirs -- while others are waiting
for owrs.
His meowmy may haf to take a little rest, becaws we all know
how furry much she and Mr Karate luffed Gizzy.
Of corse Millie and Jasmine will be furry sad, too -- so when
his meowmy might feel she shood be workin on the Qwilts
owr meomy and me and the Fancidots gang all fink
she shood take a break, and give Milllie an Jasmine
lots of eggxtra luf and pettins.
All owr eyez are leekin -- and we're sending
Lots of LUF to Gizzy at the Rainbow Bridge
Luf to his fur sisturs and beans, too!
OH... and speshul thanks to Skeezix
fur lettin us use this piktur!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tryin to keep up

There is a lot going on in the big ole bloggin world -
And in our Fancidots howse too!

Meowmy letz me sit wif her
to visit owr cat blogger friends
an then she haz to leaf me jus starin at the skreen
so she can go talk to Lucas
(that's owr noo foster kitten)

She spends lotz of time up in his room
talkin all sweet an playin wif him
She sez he izzint hidin as much,
but still dozzent want to be touched.

What's rong wif him ???
We LUF for meowmy to touch us
I like givin her kisses and makin biskits on her nek.

I'm glad meowmy got me
afore sumbeany elze made me all skeerd
I wuz jelus uf him - at firzt
but now I feel a littel sorry fur him.

I sit owtside hiz door an when she opens it
I peek at him. He iz reel littel an round.

I let her take my bizzy ball in a trak
fur him to haf sumpthin to play wif
she sez he sniffd it an sniffd it an sniffd it
then she showd him how the ball rolls
when yu stik yur paw in the slotz an push it

When she came bak owt of hiz room
she gave me big kissez and a long eer skritch
an sed Im a sweet boy an she will alwaz luf me BEST
since I dint pout abowt the trak ball toy


Friday, April 6, 2007

Owr Noo Foster Kid

Meowmy went to the airport las nite,
and pikd up a noo carrier with a hissin, spittin,
growlin -- VERY unhappy littel boy kitty insid. She says he is reel koot, cause he looks a bit like me!
Meowmy sez he is reel littel, but CHUBBY
not SVELT lik me!
He took a big drink caus it wuz a LOONG day
He Xplord the room he will share with Snowdrop
He lookd in the mirror
But the lite near it made him squinch his eyz.
When I saw this piktur
I thot maybe he has frootbat eers???
I'm reel jealouse rite now
So I don't want to visit him, yet.
Maby when he quits growlin we can play!