Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It is gettin furry KROWDID heer!

Meowmy got a call Saturday nite frum a nice lady who works in a "kill shelter" The lady asted my meowmy if she could pull a pretty little Bengal kitty from the shelter because she was afraid the kitty would get sick, and be euthanized.
Of KORSE meowmy agreed to kom get the kitty on Monday (that's today)

Her name is Regale and she is getting a hoo-ha-ectomy tomorrow at owr vet place. Meowmy sez she is reel skinny and has fleas and dirty ears but the vet will fix all that, too.

She is declawed, and meowmy sez she made biskits in the carrier all the way from the shelter to the vet's office. Meowmy sez she is sweet, and we will be able to find her a good hom.

After meowmy made the vet pointmunt for Regale, two hours later, the vet called her bak and sed somebean had a cat TAPED in a cardboard box, and brot it to them and sed if Bengal Reskoo woodnt take her, to "Put her down" They asted meowmy if she could find room for ONE more, till a noo hom kood be fount. So insted of bringin Regale hom tonit, meowmy brot this UFFER cat hom.

Her name is Vashtie. She is a SILVUR MARBLE Bengal. I've only seen pikturs, but meowmy sez she is furry pretty in person, and kant beleev sombean wood jus throw her away! She is in owr basement in a kage but she is beein furry quiet. Meowmy sez she is still SKEERD from bein taped in that box! POOR Vashtie!

I sumtimz git tird of all the reskoos comin in and owt of owr howse.

But I am furry glad owr meowmy Lufs US, an wood NEFFUR throw us away! So I guess it is OK fur the kitties to stay here a littel whil, till meowmy kan find nice beans to dopt them.


Daisy said...

Regale has a very very beautiful face and coat. And I am very MAD at the bean who taped Vashtie. That is bad. Very bad. I am very happy that they got saved. I think your meowmy has a huge heart. And I am very proud of her for helping those poor cats.

And Zenith? I am proud of you too, for sharing your home until they can find their forever homes.

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

I know what you mean Zenith, but it's very nice of your mommy to rescue them. You should be very proud of her; we are!

yao-lin said...

WHY??? WHY would ANYONE tape a cat in a box? Why wouldn't they want one as beautiful as that?? Oh thank goodness there are decent humans like your human out there to take care of them. It makes me angry and sad to read things like that! x

Parker said...

Ugh - sometimes Mommy says she hates people! Bless your Mommy's heart a million times. You are very nice for being an understanding kitty and sharing your home.

Derby said...

Your mum has a big and loving heart to take these two little ones in. I would like to find the person who taped Vashtie in a box and tape them in a box.

Anonymous said...

Your mommy is a wonderful person
and a true angel.Your very lucky to have her.I can't understand how someone can be so cruel as to tape such a beautiful kitty in a box.
It breaks my mommy's heart when she reads sad storys about strays...
Thank god for people like your mom.

Marie the Defender said...

Mr. Zenith - I knows you from Catster! I feel sorry for both of them kitties, but esp Vashtie.

I don't think we were treated so bad as to be TAPED to a box, but we were found in a box on da street and taken to the shelter, where mommy and daddy 'dopted us. We ain't scared of da boxes.

We hope that Vashtie can feel better and less scared real soon. In the meantime, can you and I be furriends here??? :)

Suzanne said...

zenith, you've got an amazing woman to be your meowmy! she's generous and kind. (and she probably has a good relationship with the v-e-t)

i'm proud of you to share your home and your meowmy with other kitties. i'll always remember that she's meomy first, ok?


Dragonheart said...

That is wonderful of your mom to rescue those cats! They are both beautiful and I hope they find wonderful Forever Homes. It is very sad that someone taped Vashtie in a box. :(

Millie said...

I tagged you. We know you are wicked busy. It's ok

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I said lotsa bad words when we read about Vashtie being taped in the box and mommy didn't even get mad cause she said them too.
Regale is such a beauty. I wonder who could have left her?!?
We are sending your mommy such big ginormous hugs for being such an angel.

Sharon said...

These are beautiful cats that are lucky to have someone like you care so much.

The Crew said...

Can you let us know what happened to Vashtie?

Someone should put those people in a box with no air, food or water and leave them someplace!!! What horrible people.

Skeezix said...

It makes my face leek to think that peepul wood treet nice cats that way. Yer mommy is an angel, Mr Z. And it's nice that yoo let fosters in the howse win it wood be eezier on yoo not to have them arownd. I hope they find grate homes with peepul hoo love them like they deezerve!