Thursday, July 19, 2007

Missin my cat bloggin friends!

Hey effurbuddy!
Owr meowmy borrowed a puter for a day or two, so we kood see what all MY friends have been up to this summer.
Yu are all haffin SO MUCH fun !!
I'm reely missin my closest frinds, Skeezix, Daisy, Dragonheart, Lux -- my werld seems so impty wiffout getting to see what yur up to effury day.
And there are so minny offur cat bloggin frinds whooz blogs always gave me and meowmy laffs and hartwarmin stories abowt yur lifes...
Dagger, Emma, Victoria, Lightnin and ME are missin owt on all the CATSTER mews, too! (Well, the whole Fancidots gang -- but the uffers don't have sweetharts on Catster!)
Meowmy sez when she finishes payin for gettin her car fixed, she will work on scrapin up the munny to git us a nuther puter.
Owr daddy sez if she didn't spend so much munny on reskoo kitties, she kood afford to go buy a new puter, but meowmy sez as much as she loves to blog wif me - the kitty's lifes ar mor important than haffin a puter.
I guess she is rite -- but I sure do miss my pals!

yur little pal,