Sunday, May 13, 2007

I've been TAGGED

I've been Tagged by Darling Millie (and Jasmine)
She is a furry good friend! Her meowmy is makin me and the Fancidots Gang a beautimus Gizzy Qwilt.
I kopied the rules, so I woodn't pwint them wrong
*I'm not shur I kan find anyfurryone who hasn't already been tagged, tho... *

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. I LUF my meowmy furry much! She kame a LONG way to get me, and we rode in 3 planes to come "home" to liv wif my uther cat family members. She SEZ she duzzent haf a "FAVURIT" but I know down deep -- I"M her favurit. I make biskits on her nek and suk on her chin when she's tryin to sleep, but she duzzent efen get mad.

2. I HATE getting my klaws trimmed - I SCREAM lik meowmy is KILLIN me, even tho it duzzent bleed. (But I fink it feels like it MIGHT)

3. I LUF raw chiccen an beef - but I fink FISH stinks! Meowmy's good friend fownd us sum treets called Liv-a-Littles - and I reely LUF them, I've almost figgerd owt how to open the jar. I LUF them THAT MUCH !!!

4. I LUF to play with all my furry family members. Tiger is my favurit - but he growls and yells at me, sometimes he bites at my hed! But he duzzent hurt me (he jus likes to ACT tough) Dagger and Emma are FUN to have Bengal races wif. Casper is a good pillow- caus he's reel soft. Hatter is a scardy cat- so I defend him and CHIRR at Baily when she is mean to him.
Victoria and Lightnin like to beet me to the deer mousie - so we haf contests to see who kan jump the highest. It's fun bein in a BIG furry family.

5. I LUF to blog, an all my bloggin friends - I've found each one is different and speshul in their own way, and it's fun to see pikturs and reed storeez abowt my friends. I jus wish meowmy had mor time to type for me. (That opposable thing IS a hindering faktur.) I keep tellin her all these foster cats cramp my styl, and cut into my play, luvvies and bloggin time -- but she sez if she didn't reskoo them, some of them mite be put to sleep. I sleep effurry day. What's the big deel?

6. I DO NOT MEOW -- I make very exotik callin noises. Meowmy sez I sound like a baby wif larengytis (whateffur that is) I kan make sum furry SCARY noises wif my voice. Sumtimes I get in trubble, for scaring the uffers, speshuly when Bailey growls at Hatter -- I make sounds SHE kan't make to bak her down. Meowmy alwaz stops what she is doin to make sure I'm not gettin too mad. (Efen tho I'm the littlest cat heer-- except for Louie, who is still in the isolation room wif Snowdrop.)

7. I LUF playin in water so much that meowmy rarely gets to take a shower, alone... and I ALWAYS get in the bath-tub before meowmy - unless there's bubbles -- the bubbles make me SNEEZE (AH-choo) I haf my own towel beside meowmy's -- but I like it best when she dries off first, then rubs her MEOWMY smell on me, wif her damp towel.

I don't know who I kan tag. I've looked at lots of my friends blogs, and they've already been tagged. Meomy sez if we find sum cats who haffent been tagged yet - we can kome bak and edit heer.

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Daisy said...

Wow! Those are some very amazing and interesting things about you, Zenith. You are a very special boy, and the fact that your meowmy went such a long long way to get you proves it!

About the nail clipping,I think it does feel like it MIGHT bleed some. Even though it never does.