Saturday, March 31, 2007

Owr Fancy Drinkin Fountain

Since today's subject is water
I thot I wood haf meowmy take a piktur
of our drinkin spot
I really like to drink here
But I DON'T like meowmy flashin the box
when I am tryin to drink!

Friday, March 30, 2007

Meowmy took time to help me enter the contest

Meowmy FINALLY helped me get a piksure
for the Acatemy Awards Red Carpet Contest
Yu can go see all the contestants
and LOTS of KEWL piksures and moovies of uffer cats, too

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Effurbody luvs QUILTS !!

We just saw all the beautiful quilts effuryone is getting from
Darling Millie and the
Bizzy for Dizzy Flying Technicolor Quilts
Owr meowmy sez she wantz to order one for us - if they are still taking orders.
We LOVES quilts and blankies here.
One of meowmy's co-workers made us a furry speshul
"WILD HEARTS" quilt last year.
Here is a photo of Casper and Dagger layin on it
As yu kan planely see - Casper shows up reel good
but Dagger kind of disappears on it.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's still just US!

The kitties owr meomy is going to foster haven't come to stay wif us yet
One may be coming next week, and we don't know when the other will get here
I like havin my meowmy just wif me and the Fancidots Gang!

Meowmy went to see owr grandmeowmy over the weekend,
so we wuz REAL happy to see her when she came home.
I slept reeeeeeel clos to meowmy last nite.
I LOVE my meowmy and miss her a LOT when she izznt home.

She spended some time tonite letting me look at effurbodies new posts
we didn't haf time to write on effurbody's blogs, but we like to look at yur
photos and read yur mews.

We hope efferyone is having a fun spring.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

We think meowmy has lost her mind

Hi all my cat blogging pals!
I've been havin a serreus diskussion with the Fancidots Gang
Our meowmy is deep in the Bengal Rescue business these daze.
And owr grandma bean is having some clarity issuz - so meowmy has to help take kare of bankin stuff, whateffur that is -
So I hardly efur get to blog these daze.

NOW to top it all off -- there is two MORE cats coming to stay wif us!
Not kountin Snowdrop, who has one of our rooms all to herself cause she's got allergize
One is annuther F1 Male - jus a littel bit older than me - she sez he liks to swim too
(maybe we can be play pals???)
The othur is a F2 Female - jus bout my age, but she hassnt been fixed
(I don't kno what's brok - meowmy jus grinz)
Meowmy sez when they git here, she will tak som piktsurs for me to shar wif effurbody.

I'm not sur I want mor roomeez
But meowmy sez we haf to sav them.

Pleeze don't furget yur little pal Zenith
I miss bloggin wif effurbody
And I'm poutin cauz meowmy is toooooooo bizzy to play wif me az much!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Fantastic Friday

We got a furry big supriz today!
Meowmy bote us a xersiz wheel
Dagger got on it first - he can run reel fast

The rest of us are a wittle skeerd of it

but I'm very currios and keep sniffin it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friday, March 9, 2007

Sendin owt huggs

Well, while we wuz bizzy takin kare of owr daddy bean, owr meowmy got sik too. (She said it wuz from bein in the emergency room at the bean doktors.)
So we've been very bizzy givin warmth and cumfort to owr beans.

We wuz tagged by Luxor for HUGS... so we wanted to send out more huggs, too - cause huggs are a furry good thing.

So Hugs to:
Beau and Angelica
China Cat and Willow
Daisy the Curly Cat
DaisyMae Maus & the Feline Americans
Dazey Jessie & Conner
Derby the Sassycat
Faz the Cat
George Tripper Max & Misty
Jake & Bathsheba
Jeter Harris
Kimo & Sabi
Manx Mews
Meowers from Missouri
Mia and Ghost
Pearl Prichard and Pumpy
The Meezers
Victor Tabbycat
The Meezers
Rosie and Cheeto
Skeezix (of course)

It sure is fun to visit yur blogs and see all the kewl stuff you and yur beans do, to keep yur blogs fas-i-natin.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Meowmy might not get to help me on my bloggie much for a few daze. Her son, (our daddy) wuz in a car acksident on Saturday mornin.

He feels reel bad - but he got to come home frum the hozpital so meowmy is spendin lots of time tryin to make him comfurtible.

So, we don't know how much time we can spend on the puter. We will try to check owr friends blogs, when meowmy has time to help us, tho.

Tell yur beans to be eggstra careful in their kars they are veery dangurrus.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Friday Obsurrvashuns RE Friends

I think we all need to remember why we are here
in cat blog world.
It is becuse our BEANS
(that's human beings for those who don't speak cat)
So all my furry friends and bean friends
who visit my blog to see pickshurs
and the mew news...
Please let's all continue to visit
everycats' blogs who played a part in
Mr Litterbox 2007 Contest.
Lets ALL remember how much fun it is
to get on owr puters and tell storees
and share owr sometimes "skuud" opinyuns.
We (me and the fancidots gang)
played a part - by casting owr votes -
and evun voted for more than ONE kitty
in the competishun
We were just getting to know Zeus
and we thot he had a grate idea
We're SURE he dint meen
for anyfurry's feelings to be hurt.
Skeezix and Beau
yur both grate pals --
everyfurry who nos yu
is richer for the smiles yu gif us.
Yu do so much for kitties less fortunate
who don't have beans who love them
like your beans love yu.
And to Dragonheart, Latte, Pepi, Proppie,
Sweeney's boy, Yao-lin, Cheeto, Nicky,
Cosmo, Jake, Jazper and Max
Yur ALL winners in the Fancidots Gang's eyes!
PLEEZE tell yur beans the blogworld needs ALL of us!

Thursday, March 1, 2007


YEAH !!!
Concatulations to
How grate was it, for it to be a tie ???
You're my cat blogging heros!
To all the other contestants --
It wuz wonnerful for your beans to help you prepare -
take your photos and help you type your entries -
and for your friends to come out and vote for you
Yur all winners in my big round eyes!