Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's still just US!

The kitties owr meomy is going to foster haven't come to stay wif us yet
One may be coming next week, and we don't know when the other will get here
I like havin my meowmy just wif me and the Fancidots Gang!

Meowmy went to see owr grandmeowmy over the weekend,
so we wuz REAL happy to see her when she came home.
I slept reeeeeeel clos to meowmy last nite.
I LOVE my meowmy and miss her a LOT when she izznt home.

She spended some time tonite letting me look at effurbodies new posts
we didn't haf time to write on effurbody's blogs, but we like to look at yur
photos and read yur mews.

We hope efferyone is having a fun spring.

1 comment:

jeter harris said...

deer mr. zenith,
mi brudder mickey haz golden eyez ... i think. i know dey are not blue or green ... dat leevez golden!
i will keep u informed uv da noo bengal kittenz in mi mom'z cuzzin'z home.