Saturday, December 30, 2006

I LOVE playing in water!

Our meowmy lets us play in the bathtub, sometimes.
The edge of the tub gets kinda "busy"

I have so much fun, playing with Dagger in the bathtub!

Victoria watches me catch the fishies

Casper likes to watch me catch the fishies
I'm FAST and don't mind getting a little water in my ears.

I get the bathroom all WET hopping in and out with my catches.

Sometimes I even SHARE with my old Grumpy Grandpa TIGER.


Kimo & Sabi said...

Nice to meet ya Mr. Zenith - you make water look almost fun! Come visit us sometime...we'll add you to our blogroll - welcome to the cat blogging community!

Daisy said...

Zenith, you are one of the most beautiful cats I ever seen! I liked seeing you play in the water with those fishies. I like to drink water from the faucet, but I would NEVER get in water.