Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yipee!!! Snowdrop goes HOME soon!

Owr meowmy is so happy she is almost dancin'
She got an e-mail from Snowdrop's adoptive meowmy
And she wants her BACK !!
Snowdrop's adoptive mommy had become furry ill, and returned Snowdrop to us months ago; becaus she could no longer take care of Snowdrop.
For a while she kept in touch wif owr meomy - but then the calls and e-mails had stopped.

Meowmy had been furry patient - but after such a long time, and no way to reach Snowdrop's mommy - the painful decishun to make Snowdrop available for adoption to a noo family had to be made.

THEN - TODAY - the email came - And sometime in the next 3 weeks, when she gets settled in her noo home - she wants to come get Snowdrop.

We are ALL furry happy that Snowdrop gets to go back to the lady she lufs so much!
(Tho - we fink mebby Louie mite miss her a wittle.)