Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The New Year Has BEGUN

Meowmy spent SO much time on the puter with me on New Year's Eve, that she promised all my furry family members we would stay off the computer, and play with them on New Year's Day.
So, we did.
Casper, Dagger, Emma, Hatter, Lightnin, Moonlight, Tiger and Victoria send their THANKS for you allowing Me (Mr. Zenith) and our meowmy to take some "time off" to give them the love, affection and PLAY time they deserve.
First she got out of bed, when I woke her up, sucking on her lips (but I DID wait until almost 7 am) so I haven't broken that resolution, YET. Then she gave me raw chicken drummies (my favorite) Lightnin and Victoria each got one too - cause they are the only other kitties in the house who like to gnaw on raw chicken drummies.
Then she cleaned all our litter boxes (a daily chore -- hee hee)
She gave everyone else some canned food and made sure the crunchie food bowls were full.
Then she made herself a poached egg (YUK) and buttered toast. Casper got in her lap and begged for some of the buttery stuff, and even though he's not supposed to get much of that, she broke a piece off that had lots of butter, and gave it to him. (as a special new year treat)
I stuck my nose in her hot chocolate, but decided it was too hot. So I walked away, snorting.
After she cleaned up the dishes from feeding time, she went to our special TOY drawer and got out DABIRD. We played and played - always taking turns - except I got a little too excited and jumped in front of Casper when it was his turn. I got SCOLDED.. and reminded that we TAKE TURNS here. So, I sat back and allowed Casper his turn, and waited till meowmy told me "NOW Zenith" and I got my turn, again.
Dagger and I can jump the highest...though sometimes we scare meowmy when we over-shoot the target and bump into furniture.
Then she got out the sparkle sticks -- TWO of them, so we didn't have to wait so long for our turns each time. I LOVE SPARKLE STICKS !!! I got a little over-enthused again and tried to catch it with my mouth, instead of batting it with my foot, and AACKKKKK gagged myself! I sat and watched the others for a while. AACKK AACCKK -- then I was ready to play nice, again.
Then meowmy put a movie on the TV box, and covered her legs with a nice fuzzy blankie. Dagger, Casper, Lightnin and me all snuggled around meowmy's legs on the blankie and took a nap while she watched the movie.
Then she got up and boiled some boneless chicken for everyone and gave me another drummie. YUM YUM.. The others all like diced boiled chicken, but I still prefer raw. But, when it was done, and the others were all getting bites, I came up and told her I wanted a bite of the boiled stuff, so she gave me a little of it, but gave most of it to the ones who won't eat the raw.
We all got FULL again, and meowmy came and laid down on the big bed with us, and EVERYONE came up and all sunggled around her for a nap.
For dinner, she cooked us some shrimpies. The others LIKE to eat shrimpies, but I only KILL them, over and over till I'm tired of playing with them, then let Tiger or Hatter eat my piece, after I'm through playing with it.
All in all, we had a great day with meowmy home all day NOT at the puter.

I'm pouting a little, today, because Meowmy has to go back to work, tomorrow, and won't have nearly as much time to play with us, and help me on my blog.
I've been so excited to make so many new friends, here.

I'm hoping meowmy will take some time to play with us with the toys, again this afternoon. That's my FAVORITE.
I hope everycat is having as much fun as I'm having in this new year.


Daisy said...

Mr. Zenith, I am also still learning how to "take turns"!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Taking terns suks. Casper shood be told that "Yoo snooze, yoo looze!"

Mr Zenith & the Fancidots Gang said...

I don't mind taking turns with Casper, because he has a weak heart. And he's such a sweet little friend.
He taught me to dance, when I was a kitten and he lets me sleep with him when it's cold.

Cheysuli said...

I'm with Skeezix. I don't take turns. They are all mine. Other than that, it sounds like a wonderful day!

Lux said...

You had quite the day! I know what you mean about being alone during the days again! No one to beg food from!

bat & bandit & holly said...

sounds like a wonderfu day! we're so glad to have finally got the chance to read all your blog posts and looks at your beautiful pictured. mommy says your very, very gorgeous, and she loves your spots!