Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catching up, SCARS and moovies !

Me and meowmy got on the puter tonite, after taking some time off, so all the pride could have "special" time with meomy ever day when she got home from work. This weekend was extra speshul because she got the wand toyz out of the speshul drawer they hide in - and played with us till we were all tired.

We saw that Daisy the Curly Cat and Skeezix both have NEW scars.
Our meowmy had surgery on Monday, but hers was INSIDE her noze! OWIE !!
She doesn't have any stitches that show, but she shur sounds funny, tonite.

The weather is cold this week, so Moonlight is in the basement. Moonlight doesn't like being in the basement but she likes it better than having to be in the house with all the rest of us. Meowmy has had to give her special time so she wouldn't feel so scared there.

Casper and Dagger and I have been snuggling a lot. We wish meowmy would turn the heat up some more. We CROWD her when she goes to bed at nite.

Emma and Bailey have been staying up in the boy/man's room but they chase me out, when I go try to get in Bailey's cozy. I like meowmy's pillow better, anyway.

Meowmy hasn't taken any new pitchurs, so I just wanted to say HI and tell everyfurry we try to go out and catch up, when we can. We really enjoy reading all yur blogs and speshully love to watch yur moovies!

Miss Daisy, if yu read this, we liked all yur moovies, specially the one with the pink sweater!

Later catpals!


Daisy said...

Course I read this Mr. Zenith! I check in to see what you and the fancidots are up to all the time. I am very glad you liked my movies. You are nice to say so. Sometimes special time with yer Mommie is much more important than playing on the computer.

I hope yer Mommie's nose is feeling better.

Pearl C. Pritchard said...

Hi Mr Zenith! Nice to hear from you. I hope your meowmy is feeling better soon and I hope it warms up a bit. Pumpy and I don't much care for the cold, either.

Derby said...

Mr. Z good to hear from you. Yes the coming home time is the bestest.

Plus come see my post about kitties and the proper temperature.

FA said...

This is such a cute blog. It is funny that it turned out to be about your felines, considering that I was raised with having cats as pets! This put a smile on my face, keep up the good work.