Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tryin to keep up

There is a lot going on in the big ole bloggin world -
And in our Fancidots howse too!

Meowmy letz me sit wif her
to visit owr cat blogger friends
an then she haz to leaf me jus starin at the skreen
so she can go talk to Lucas
(that's owr noo foster kitten)

She spends lotz of time up in his room
talkin all sweet an playin wif him
She sez he izzint hidin as much,
but still dozzent want to be touched.

What's rong wif him ???
We LUF for meowmy to touch us
I like givin her kisses and makin biskits on her nek.

I'm glad meowmy got me
afore sumbeany elze made me all skeerd
I wuz jelus uf him - at firzt
but now I feel a littel sorry fur him.

I sit owtside hiz door an when she opens it
I peek at him. He iz reel littel an round.

I let her take my bizzy ball in a trak
fur him to haf sumpthin to play wif
she sez he sniffd it an sniffd it an sniffd it
then she showd him how the ball rolls
when yu stik yur paw in the slotz an push it

When she came bak owt of hiz room
she gave me big kissez and a long eer skritch
an sed Im a sweet boy an she will alwaz luf me BEST
since I dint pout abowt the trak ball toy



Daisy said...

Hahahah! "Somebeany else"... Zenith, you are funny!

You are nice to loan your toy to Lucas, especially since he is a little scairt. I am proud of you.

I hope Lucas gets more braver and maybe you can play with him. He looks like he could use a little exercise.

ps: thanks for voting for me! I did not even know I was nominated until today.

Caesar and Princess said...

You are very sweet to loan your toys to the skeerdy cat.. poor Lucas. He is having a difficult time with socialization.


Skeezix said...

It's vary nice of yoo to share with Lucas. I don't share becuz the other cats steel my stuff beefore I'm givvin a chance to share. But I'd share if I cood. I hope yoo guys can become good frends.

Lux said...

Wonderful poem, Mr. Zenith! I'll bet you & Lucas are good friends in no time!

P.S. Thanks much for the nomination!

Parker said...

You are a very nice kitty to share! I hope Lucas finds out that a lot of beans are very nice and fun to cuddle with!

jeter harris said...

deer mr. zenith,
wen mi noo brudder matsui came into dis howse he wuz so scared he woulden't talk to anyone ... not mi mom ... not mi dad ... not me or any udder cat. he'z comin arownd now an he likez all uv us ... espeshullee me.
it'z verree nice uv u to share.
luv---yer frend--jh

Dragonheart said...

I hope that Lucas will get over being scared.

You are very sweet to lend your ball track to Lucas.

yao-lin said...

oh you sound like a lovely brother to have, much nice than I am. You are right not to share all your toys though because it just doesn't do to share EVERYTHING! xx