Saturday, February 17, 2007

Rapcat Sak Tortur

The tall man who livz upstares brot home a currius sak
He gave it to meowmy and they both laffed a lot
Then meowmy got sizzers and cut hols in the sak wher it had litul dotty lins
Casper wuzzent afeard,
cause meowmy and the tall man won't tortur him
cause of his weak heart
This is the FRUNT of the SAK -- see the leg hols?

This is the BAK of the SAK -- See the TAIL hol?

This is the SID of the SAK - See the deestruktons???

How STOOPID was the beans who thot this up?

Anybean who knos CATS knos we would walk head furst into a SAK

But WHO wood effur let a bean put them in a sak BUTT furst?
Meowmy and the tall man trid to katch me and I wanted no part of it! I runned owt of reech reel fast!

Then they trid to put DAGGER in BUTT FURST -- He skruggled and skruggled, and they laffed and laffed,

But NO WAY wuz they gittin his TALE thru one hol and mak his bak legs go in dem uffer hols! They trid to put Bailey in the sak -- Agin - BUTT FURST -- It's a mirakul meowmy or the tall man didn't haf to go to the bean hospitul !

After sum diskussin, they kame to the konkluson the beans who painted the sak did it upsidedown -

I kulda tole them that!


Daisy said...

I agree, the beans who invented that sack are dumb! They made it upside down, AND they forgot to make it pink. You were very right to run away.

Cheysuli said...

I'm glad you were able to get away. So often humans get a stilly idea and just won't let go of it!

Kimo & Sabi said...


P.S. - We hopes you visit our bloggie today - there are some good TP shredding tips fer you!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, that's intense! Owr lady was laffin just like yer peeple and we don't know why. Gud job dodging getting into the sak cause that just sownds like a lot of trubble!