Saturday, May 2, 2015

Meowmy sez she should let me Post again, now that she's Retired (whateffer that iz)

Meowmy got so bizzy wif werking allz de time... She stopped letting me post on my blog... Well I'm 10 yearz old now, an since she iz home MORE... I tolded HER that it'z time for me to re-activate my blog!

AND -- since last time we posted - I got two noo baby bruffers -- Mikey and Rascal

We haf  LOTZ of fun... and are furry good bruffers! 
Well -- More Later...
Just wanted to come by and sai  HI tu all mai furrends! 

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World of Animals, Inc. said...

Thanks for the wonderful share. It's so great to hear that you got two new brothers Mikey and Rascal. They look absolutely adorable. We hope every one of you is having a great kitty time together. Great seeing all the lovely photos.
World of Animals