Saturday, May 2, 2015

Meowmy sez she should let me Post again, now that she's Retired (whateffer that iz)

Meowmy got so bizzy wif werking allz de time... She stopped letting me post on my blog... Well I'm 10 yearz old now, an since she iz home MORE... I tolded HER that it'z time for me to re-activate my blog!

AND -- since last time we posted - I got two noo baby bruffers -- Mikey and Rascal

We haf  LOTZ of fun... and are furry good bruffers! 
Well -- More Later...
Just wanted to come by and sai  HI tu all mai furrends! 

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today when meowmy checked her e-mails, she discovered my site had won an award from the Pet Supplies Place.
We are furry happie to get this awesome award.
Tho - I must admit, I'd rather mom be in the living room, playing with me with my DaBird toy, or my favorit fuzzie ball. I LOVE to play fetch, now.
My sweet buddie Casper passed away just before Christmas, then Hatter got very sick in March. Meowmy had to give him LOTS and LOTS of pills, and now he has to eat speshul foods.

I still love meowmy furry much. She works 9 hours a day - and is gone almost 11 hours - she sez the drive is long, to work.

But, when she gets home, she plays with us, and then feeds us (and of course duz poopie scoopie duteez) After she eats dinner, she plays with us sum more!

I miss my blogging friends, but I sure do like all the extra time meowmy has to play wif us.

I hope this post finds all my furrie friends well and happy.

Yur little buddie

Friday, October 17, 2008

We hardly EVER get online, any more!

This is Dagger peekin over the sheets
This is Lightnin givin meowmy the evil eyes
Victoria peeked over the footboard, then blinked!

Meowmy has deecided to KEEP that rascaly UFFER F1 Bengal Cat, Louie. She sez he only wood effur trust HER, since he still hides and peeks at owr daddy, when he goz in to feed the fosters.
Meowmy likes to PLAY wif us.
We take TURNS.
First we get fed, then the foster kitties get fed.
THEN, we get to play and play and play!
We haf soo much fun! Always good toys wif plenty of sparkley things, and feathers.
When we're all tired out, meowmy goes up to play wif Louie and his "girls" Regale and Vashtie.

Well, time to go get bizzy... Lots of sparkley toys to chase, and feathers to KILL.

Luf - yur littel pal, Zenith

Monday, August 25, 2008

Not the Mama Monday

We're on YouTube now!

Meowmy furrgot to tell you, last night, that we're on YouTube now.

It's lots of fun. Meowmy's still learning how to edit and stuff, but I put one of me taking treats from meommy's mouf in the link here.

Have a great week, all my furry and bean friends!

Luf -- your littel pal,

I'm all grown up, now!

I'm not really fat - my primordial pouch just makes me LOOK that way!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We've had a BUSY year!

Hi to all my bloggin' furrends!

Meowmy, and all us Fancidots cats haf been FURRY bizzy this summer.

She works extra hours, and when she getz hom -- all we want is for her to PLAY wif US!

I'm having so much fun, she has taught me a new "trick" -- She lets me take treats from her lips, and I'm the ONLY one she trusts to not bite her lips (hee hee)

Louie is doing SO much better. He is still growly and I'm a little skeered of him - but meowmy takes pikturs of him, and shows me he's not TOO skeery anymores.

Vashtie has gotten used to meowmy and owr daddy - and doesn't hide in her cage, annymor... Meowmy sez when she finds Vashtie a "purrfekt" home, she will be getting a new home of her furry own.

I'm inkluding a kupple uf FUNNY pikturs of Louie - so you can see he's bein less skeery. He's jus SILLY meowmy sez....

I hope effurbody had had az much fun as we haf, this summer.

BLACKIE - Thanks for asking about us.

Gotta go == time to play befor meowmy goz to bed!


Yur littel pal,


Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hi to all my Blogging friends! I'm so sorry that I have not kept in touch, but me and the Fancidots Gang -- and our "foster babies" have been keeping meowmy Furry BIZZY !!! And when meowmy is bizzy -- the home puter neffur gets turned on.

Louie is still in the "foster room" with Regale and Vashtie. He still lufs for meowmy to come play with him, and even lets her pet him, sometimes.. but when he comes out of the foster room, he chases effurbody and is MEAN to ME!!!

Tiger is still being a GRUMPY OLE MAN
Hatter is still scared of Effurbody
Casper is still chubby and always adored by Lightnin and Victoria - His heart condition is no better, but no worse, and he still loves laps, treats and snuggles.
Dagger is az clumzy as effur
Emma sat in Daddy's ash tray, on a lit cigarette, a couple of weeks ago --and got all frizzy on one side... it even curled her whiskers!

And of course -- I'm WONDERFUL -- and still VERY spoiled by meowmy.
(It is a big secret, here around the house -- but I'm Furry sure I'm her FAVORTIE.

I hope effurbody had a good Easter and got baskets full of toys, like we did -- and LOTS of CATNIP!!

Special Thanks to Skeezix, who remembered us and sent us a furry cute Easter Card.

I'm glad the weather is getting warmer -- I can't WAIT for meowmy to set up my swimmy pool.

I hope this post finds everycat (and their bean slaves) well and happy to see the return of SPRING -- YEAH !!!

LUF to ALL...
Yur littel Pal -- Mr Zenith

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Howl-ooo-ween!

Happy Howl-ooooooooo-ween
to ALL my BLOGGIN Furriends!
Make sure you go by to see all the winners of my pal Skeezix's
2nd Annual Halloween Kostoom Kontest!
And go by, too
This week BENGALS are the featured breed,
and when meowmy opened the Catster home page
it looks like my sisfur EMMA is on the front page, too!

Friday, October 19, 2007

My Furry Good Friend gave me an Award!

Izzen't it XCITING?
My good friend LUX <>
gave me this wonnerful award,
effun tho my meowmy has been owt of town werkin
and I've not been online cause I kant turn the puter on by myself!
Mebby meowmy will let me look at effurbody's blogs this weekend,
and I can pass it on to sum of my uffer friends who haven't gotten it, yet!
It's GRATE to haf meowmy home, again!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Snowdrop is furry EXCITED !

Meomy went to Snowdrop's room, to tell her she is gonna git to go HOME.
Snowdrop looked back and sed "Well it's bout time!"

Then she started takin a BATH

Kaus she wants to be extra speshul pretty for her mom.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yipee!!! Snowdrop goes HOME soon!

Owr meowmy is so happy she is almost dancin'
She got an e-mail from Snowdrop's adoptive meowmy
And she wants her BACK !!
Snowdrop's adoptive mommy had become furry ill, and returned Snowdrop to us months ago; becaus she could no longer take care of Snowdrop.
For a while she kept in touch wif owr meomy - but then the calls and e-mails had stopped.

Meowmy had been furry patient - but after such a long time, and no way to reach Snowdrop's mommy - the painful decishun to make Snowdrop available for adoption to a noo family had to be made.

THEN - TODAY - the email came - And sometime in the next 3 weeks, when she gets settled in her noo home - she wants to come get Snowdrop.

We are ALL furry happy that Snowdrop gets to go back to the lady she lufs so much!
(Tho - we fink mebby Louie mite miss her a wittle.)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yeah !!! Meowmy got a noo puter!

Hi to all my feline and bean pals!

Owr meowmy finally got a noo puter, so maybe when she finishes reedin all the e-mails she got whil her old one wuz tryin to git fixd, she will let me write sum noo posts on my blog, too!

I did convince her to let me write a qwik note to let my pals know I'm BACK !!

We've still got all owr reskoos --

Vashtie is still too skeerd to meet new beans, but she moved to Louie and Snowdrop's room, so mewomy can pet her and play with her more.

Snowdrop is still waitin for her adoptive meowmy to git well, so she can go bak to her,

and we jus found owt Regale has a heart murmur, so she may still be with us a while too...
Meowmy moved her cage to the living room, and we're all still a little confused about that CAGE thing... we like Regale OK - but meowmy only lets her owt of the cage so she can watch and make sure we don't hurt her playin - sinc she duzzent haf any clawz to let us know when we git too ruff...

Little Louie will be stayin wif us -- Fureffur!
Little Louie is makin progress with coming owt of his room without being quite so growly/hissy. Tiger and Emma aren't furry afraid of him -- but he makes my eyz git BIG and my tail git fluffy, still. He iz little - and round - but furry scary sumtimz.

I kan't wait to go see what effuryone has been doin all summer.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Missin my cat bloggin friends!

Hey effurbuddy!
Owr meowmy borrowed a puter for a day or two, so we kood see what all MY friends have been up to this summer.
Yu are all haffin SO MUCH fun !!
I'm reely missin my closest frinds, Skeezix, Daisy, Dragonheart, Lux -- my werld seems so impty wiffout getting to see what yur up to effury day.
And there are so minny offur cat bloggin frinds whooz blogs always gave me and meowmy laffs and hartwarmin stories abowt yur lifes...
Dagger, Emma, Victoria, Lightnin and ME are missin owt on all the CATSTER mews, too! (Well, the whole Fancidots gang -- but the uffers don't have sweetharts on Catster!)
Meowmy sez when she finishes payin for gettin her car fixed, she will work on scrapin up the munny to git us a nuther puter.
Owr daddy sez if she didn't spend so much munny on reskoo kitties, she kood afford to go buy a new puter, but meowmy sez as much as she loves to blog wif me - the kitty's lifes ar mor important than haffin a puter.
I guess she is rite -- but I sure do miss my pals!

yur little pal,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meowmy gets OLDER

Owr meomy has a brok puter - so we haffent been online
She had a birfday yesserday
and sum of her bean friends took her owt to dinner!
I dint haf munny fur presunts, so I just gave her

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Owr meomy took an OUTING today -
She went to a plase called Tigers For Tomorrow
She came bak STINKY !!!
She went to see a lot of stripey cats
called TIGERS
There were Cougars, lions, a black spotted leopard,
and a Serval, too!
She sez I can share sum pikturs wif my friends.
so--- here they are!

Meomy wuz reely clos to this tiger

He had lots of STRIPES and kept following meomy when she wuz neer his enclosure.

This Tiger wuz sleepy in the shade - see his white tummy?

This Tiger thot meowmy smelled good.
This Tiger wuz playin in HIS swimmy pool -

I fink we kood be gud friends!

Aftur he played in his pool -- he played peek-a-boo wif meowmy

The black spotted Leopard wuz sleepy, too - if yu biggify yu mite see his spotz

The Serval wuz hidin under his howse - yu kan barely see himThe Lion wuz sleepy too.
Two of the Cougars came close to the fens to see meowmy
An this one wuz relaxin near his fense.

I'm glad meowmy didn't make me go! Thos big cats mite haf thot I wuz DINNER! An I like to stay in the air conditioned howse, where it is cool and comfy.

She smelled sweaty and like big cats, I had to get LOTZ of kisses, when she got home!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Update on all owr foster kitties

Effuryone has been asking about Vashtie
and all owr uther foster kitties.
So... I thot I'd share sum noo pikturs of them
This is Vashtie in her tent, in the cage where she stays whil meowmy is at werk
On pretty days, meowmy takes her cage owtside so she can enjoy the sunshine.
Something startled Vashtie when meowmy was petting her lass week - and she scratched meowmy on her hans and arms - but meowmy didn't get mad. It took her all nite to catch Vashtie in the basement, so meowmy got her a pretty pink harness, so she kood handle her easier, wifout scaring her so much. She unnerstands that Vashtie needs a lot of luf and unnerstanding, to get over having been abused.
Regale is gaining wate and her fur is lookin better
She likes her sleepy kube and all the good fud meowmy gives her
She duzzent like owtside as much as Vashtie, (we fink maybe she wuz in an owtside place where she got fleas and wuz so hungry) So meowmy jus leaves the garage door open, so she can get sunshine and fresh air, while Vashtie suns herself.

Snowdrop gave up her big "safe" cage, so Vashtie could have the biggest one
She and Louie have been makin friends better, since she is out wif him, all the time. Louie LUFS to play, and meowmy uses shorter toys, so he will get closer to her in playtime.
Meowmy PETS and PLAYS with Vashtie, Regale, Louie and Snowdrop EFFURY NITE.

I getz a little jelus - sumtimes -- but meowmy makes sur she gives me and all the Fancidots gang lots of luvvies, treets and playtime before she goes sleepy-bye.
And we get to sleep wif her - so then I'm not so jelus.
It will be nice when Snowdrop gets to go home with her mom, when she gits well.
It will be nice when Louie makes friends with more of us, so he can come out and play wif effurbody.
It will be nice when Vashtie and Regale are ready to go to new homes - but meowmy will have to screen their noo parents furry carefully - so they won't haf to be skeered all over again.
Meowmy is furry tired at nite after all her bean chores, and I miss getting to BLOG wif all my cat bloggin friends - but we all kno not effurbody has meowmys and daddies as good as me and all owr cat bloggin friends, so we are tryin to be furry patient.
Fanks to effuryone who has said such nice things about my meowmy...
I luf her furry much - and will be glad when she has more time to spend wif me, again.
As a matter of fak -- I fink I will go curl up wif her, rite now!


Owr Bizzy for Gizzy QWILT arrived from Millie!Meowmy shuld make Victoria give me my qwilt!The same day we opened owr qwilt, I got my PRIZE from Skeezix's Acatamy Awards
we ALL really liked the special catnip nanner!
Dagger, Lightnin and Casper were HOGGIN the qwilt

Lightnin and Casper jus woodn't LEAVE !!
I got on the stairs and stalked them from above!

Then Dagger got my nanner and hogged the qwilt, too!
Dagger and Victoria like all the colors in the qwilt!
But, Casper klaimed the qwilt, first, and got WHITE hair all over it!

We ALL love owr QWILT that Millie's meowmy made.

Yu kan reed all abowt them at:


SPESHUL THANKS TO MILLIE, JASPER and their MEOMMY for owr beautimus qwilt!


SPESHUL thanks to SKEEXIX at

for owr acatamy award prizes, too!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It is gettin furry KROWDID heer!

Meowmy got a call Saturday nite frum a nice lady who works in a "kill shelter" The lady asted my meowmy if she could pull a pretty little Bengal kitty from the shelter because she was afraid the kitty would get sick, and be euthanized.
Of KORSE meowmy agreed to kom get the kitty on Monday (that's today)

Her name is Regale and she is getting a hoo-ha-ectomy tomorrow at owr vet place. Meowmy sez she is reel skinny and has fleas and dirty ears but the vet will fix all that, too.

She is declawed, and meowmy sez she made biskits in the carrier all the way from the shelter to the vet's office. Meowmy sez she is sweet, and we will be able to find her a good hom.

After meowmy made the vet pointmunt for Regale, two hours later, the vet called her bak and sed somebean had a cat TAPED in a cardboard box, and brot it to them and sed if Bengal Reskoo woodnt take her, to "Put her down" They asted meowmy if she could find room for ONE more, till a noo hom kood be fount. So insted of bringin Regale hom tonit, meowmy brot this UFFER cat hom.

Her name is Vashtie. She is a SILVUR MARBLE Bengal. I've only seen pikturs, but meowmy sez she is furry pretty in person, and kant beleev sombean wood jus throw her away! She is in owr basement in a kage but she is beein furry quiet. Meowmy sez she is still SKEERD from bein taped in that box! POOR Vashtie!

I sumtimz git tird of all the reskoos comin in and owt of owr howse.

But I am furry glad owr meowmy Lufs US, an wood NEFFUR throw us away! So I guess it is OK fur the kitties to stay here a littel whil, till meowmy kan find nice beans to dopt them.